New Providence Cricket Club

New Providence Cricket Club History

About Us

We are a Non Profit Organization located in New Providence, New Jersey and our goal is to provide the opportunity, environment and facilities to people of all ages and abilities to play Cricket. We are particularly focused on promoting cricket and encouraging young players to participate, starting at an early age.


Cricket in New Providence has existed since Mid 90’s, where a group of Bell Labs employees (now Nokia) played cricket on a lush green outfield within their campus. Since then people have formed small groups and continued to play Cricket in different parts of the town.

It was during the summer evening of 2020, Chethan and his son Pushan started playing Cricket in the parking area of AWR school

This attracted another local resident Moin that lived across AWR school field, who then went on to become the founding member of our Club. Moin gathered few more Cricket enthusiasts with the help of social media and initiated a petition to start organized Cricket in New Providence with the required infrastructure. The petition was supported by more than 150 people and reflected the interest among the residents of New Providence and nearby areas. 

The process enabled to bring together some really passionate cricket followers like Anil, Rajiv, Aditya and Nimit to participate in laying the foundation of New Providence Cricket Club. 

New Providence Cricket Club seeks to spread the awareness of Cricket and strives towards providing its members the best platform to play and enjoy the game of Cricket.

The Club welcomes players from different backgrounds and cultures and takes pride in promoting diversity.