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New Providence Cricket Club History

About Us

We are a Non Profit Organization located in New Providence, New Jersey and our goal is to provide the opportunity, environment and facilities to people of all ages and abilities to play Cricket. We are particularly focused on promoting cricket and encouraging young players to participate, starting at an early age.


Cricket in New Providence has been a part of the community since the mid-90s when a group of Bell Labs employees (now Nokia) played cricket on a lush green outfield within their campus. Over time, cricket enthusiasts formed small groups and continued playing the sport in various parts of the town.

However, it was during the onset of the pandemic when most local residents found themselves confined to their houses that a significant change took place. The situation prompted them to start playing cricket on a daily basis, seeking a form of entertainment and physical activity.

This newfound enthusiasm inspired Moin, a local resident, to take the initiative in organizing cricket with proper infrastructure. Moin utilized social media to gather more cricket enthusiasts and initiated a petition to establish organized cricket in New Providence, with a request for Cricket Pitch. The petition garnered support from over 150 people, reflecting the strong interest among the residents of New Providence and nearby areas.

Through this process, the initiative brought together passionate cricket followers, notably Nimit, who played a vital role in laying the foundation of the New Providence Cricket Club. Additionally, Pratima joined the club and took the lead in forming a women's cricket team in New Providence, recognizing the need for inclusivity and equal opportunities for female cricket enthusiasts.

The primary objective of the New Providence Cricket Club is to raise awareness about cricket and provide its members with the best possible platform to play and enjoy the game. The club embraces players from diverse backgrounds and cultures, taking pride in promoting inclusivity and diversity