New Providence Cricket Club

New Providence Cricket Club - Membership FAQ's

How do i sign up?
  • On our website
  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Pay the Annual Membership Fees of $150
Note: All Membership Signups are subjected to approval as a proactive measure to be inline with the Club's Mission and Goals.

Will the Membership Fees remain $150 every year?
It depends on the number of people who sign up. The number 150 was derived using the projected expenses and anticipated number of Members. If we see more increase/decrease in number of members, the membership would vary accordingly.

I have not played Cricket before but i am Interested to start, where do i go from here?
Talk to us or email at to explore the options about getting coached formally through the basics.

I don't play cricket but can i still be a member?
Talk to us or email at to explore the options about becoming a Scorer or Umpire or a Volunteer of the Club.

What are the different teams that are part of the Club?
Currently we have Leather Ball and Tennis Ball Teams. But we do have a plan to field a Seniors Team for 40+ age Group  and also hoping to field Kid/Women Teams in the near future.