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14 Oct 2023
Amendment to NPCC Bylaws

Hello Everybody   Hope you are all enjoying the ongoing Cricket World Cup and the conclusion to our very first Womens tournament. Over the last year we have had a great growth to our club with the cricket pitch in Warner, Womens cricket picking up al... [ Read more ]

04 Jan 2023
Cricket Pitch is coming to New Providence - Spring 2023 [ Read more ]

10 Feb 2021
Announcement: Club Captains for 2021

Thank you all for providing your valuable inputs in the Nomination of Club Captains.  We came up with the concept of this pool to share some of tasks that come with the responsibilities of being a captain like co-ordinating with League Officials, Um... [ Read more ]

01 Nov 2020
First Ever Game of New Providence Cricket Club

11/01/2020 will be remembered as first of many events for New Providence Cricket Club. It was the day where we played our first leather ball match as a group, First run scored, First wicket/Catch taken and our First Win as a team. Team played a frien... [ Read more ]